The Maynard
Spring 2016

Miki Fukuda

“Yohaku No Bi” or “Beauty of Remaining White Space”


for Yukihisa


between withering autumn
and muddy spring

in the company of my own
barrenness now

and again, I return to the fallow
my brother left

white for me,

first to its heart,
where a few, diminutive

earthworms in Kanji
wiggle to his chuckling—such

handwriting a sign of a lesser
character, they say in Japan—on the final

page of the yellowing letter to Canada
he wrote twenty-four years ago,

then further east to our

clover-strewn fallow,
flooded for the rice to grow, where

       a boy flies

through mud, water,
up and down after a frog,

       and his leaping heart—

as if he had known what I would
as if he had known what I would and must.