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The Maynard — Call for Submissions

The Maynard is published online twice a year—April 15 (Spring issue) and on October 15 (Fall issue).

The issues are edited by the Advisory Board and the Editorial Board. Poems receive the attention of three to five readers per issue.

Currently, we are accepting only poetry and cover art submissions. In the future, we may expand to other forms—fiction, non-fiction, border genres, critical work, essays, etc.

The submission deadline for the Spring issue: January 31. Expect response around February’s end.

The submission deadline for the Fall issue: July 31. Expect response around August’s end.

We only accept poetry or cover art submissions through our Submission Manager. Submit your poetry through The Maynard online Submission Manager


We want to take your work seriously and to read it without distraction. Following our guidelines to the letter makes that possible and assures you get off on the most positive foot with us.

We consider:

  • Only previously unpublished work
  • Simultaneous submissions
  • Poems & cover art created by both emerging and seasoned artists
  • Poems & cover art by everyone, though women, people of color, and LGBTQIA people are especially encouraged to submit

We do not consider:

  • More than one submission per reading period
  • Work that has been previously published on any website or in any print publication
  • Work already accepted or under contract for publication in a chapbook, book, or elsewhere

For Poetry Submissions:

Send your very best 3-5 previously unpublished poems (no more than 6 pages total). We will often accept several poems by the same author; therefore, please do not limit yourself or your submission to a single poem. Conversely, we ask that you send no more poems/pages than our guidelines allow.

Poems can be on any subject or theme and take any form.

Each poem should start on its own page. That means there should be only one poem per page. Rather than carriage returns, use “Insert, Page Break” to create new pages.

Place your full contact info—name, address, and e-mail—in the upper right corner of each page.

Prepare your submission as a single doc, docx, or pdf file.

We only accept poetry submissions through our Submission Manager.

Submit your poetry through The Maynard online Submission Manager.

For Cover Art Submissions:

We accept submissions of cover art for each issue. Cover Art submissions are accepted according to the same deadlines as poetry submissions.

The only constraint/requirement is that the art involves an orange or oranges—we mean the fruit, literally—in some way.

Send your titled image in JPG, PNG, or PDF format, along with your 50-word bio, to The Maynard Submission Manager.

Submitting Both Poetry & Cover Art:

If submitting both poetry and art, submit to each category separately and according to the guidelines.


Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. We will be proud of you.

If withdrawing a single poem, send an email with your/the author’s first and last names and the title of the poem/s being withdrawn with “Withdraw” in the subject line, to:

To withdraw your entire submission, go to your account on The Maynard’s Submission Manager.

Revision & Replacement:

Please do not send revisions or replacement poems until you hear from us. If your work is accepted, we can talk about revising.

Previously Published in The Maynard:

If your work has been featured in The Maynard, please wait at least a year before submitting again.

Publishing Agreement & Rights:

Your agreement to publish your writing grants The Maynard first North American Serial Rights and non-exclusive reprint rights (for possible inclusion in future anthologies of work published in The Maynard). You also grant The Maynard the right to showcase and/or archive your work on The Maynard website at All other rights remain yours as the sole owner of the work. Although you do not need written permission to reprint your work, you agree to acknowledge The Maynard as the first publisher wherever and whenever the work is reprinted.


Direct any questions or inquiries related to submissions to:

Other inquiries:

Thank you for your interest in The Maynard.

Our eyes look forward to your work!